Eat Local Pasta

Pasta is that funny, supportive cousin Pizza grew up with

For years we have made pasta at Eat Local for staff lunches. If someone had family in town or friends were visitng the shop whike we were hammering out school pizzas we would invariably end up with water boiling for pasta.

Pizza is beautiful because every ingredient becomes part of the whole pizza. Pasta often feels like a vessel to really highlight a specific ingredient. Both are fantastic.

Our Casarecce pasta from Big Lake Pasta really holds sauce. It has a bit more thickness than the traditional penne we have been used to. Andrew Murchison, owner of Big Lake Pasta advised this would be the right pasta to accent our slow cooked tomato sauce.

Our meatballs are made from all-local beef sourced from Sandy Acres Farms and Windy Lane Farm. We go through so many of these, making this all from scratch is a ton of work but it is important to us to sell the same food we would be eating.

We slow cook our sauce from the best tomatoes we can source seasonally. As with our pizza, we find that developing sweetness in sauce is all about the care and time put into the tomatoes.

We have pasta available for lunch every day as well as our Pasta Wednesday Deal each Wednesday from 11am to 7pm.

We have a special deal for schools looking to have a healthy local poasta option for kids.

For more info click: School Pasta Lunches.

**We have options for vegetarians and vegans every Wednesday**