Pizza is Free if you need it.

Let’s keep this super simple.

If you or your family is having a hard time with food right now, just click on “I need a pizza” then come pick it up.

If you want to donate to the Pay it forward Pizza program, click “I would like to help” and then send an e-transfer to the email address there.

I need a Pizza (click here)

**Limit 1 order at a time** Please respect that these pizzas are for people and family in need

⬆️Click Pizza above to Order Free Pizza!!

If you are in Thunder Bay and you are having a hard time with food, order this pizza and come pick it up. We’ve all been there and we have your back.

*1 Pizza Per Order
*Pick Up Only

I would like to help

Hey there, if you would like to help buy someone else a pizza, feel free to send any amount that works for you to:
You are great.