Frozen Pizzas: A Thunder Bay Project

We are excited to announce you can now find our Frozen Pizzas at your local grocery store! 
(As always you can still come visit us to pick one up as well)

This has been a huge team project and we are as excited with the quality of the end product as we are with the chance to do something new with the products unique to our community.

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Cooking Instructions
  1. Remove from Package
  2. Place in Oven of 350-400 degrees
  3. Cook for about 10 min (longer if you like more well done)
  4. That’s it, enjoy your Pizza!
Cool Locally Made Labels

Our Frozen Pizza labels were designed by our friend Kiersten P. Mosley from For Users’ Sake and printed at Economy Printing!

Custom Frozen Pizzas

For individual customers, for wholesale orders, give us call!



We wanted to make sure our frozen pizza was the right move whether you needed a quick meal for the kids or something to pair with a glass of wine at the end of the day. These pizzas were designed to be the snack we wanted, we are excited to share them with your family.

Frozen Pizzas Available in Retail at our shop:

✅ Perogie Pizza ($16.99)
✅ Perogie no Bacon ($16.99)
✅ Market Meat Pizza ($16.99)
✅ Margherita Pizza ($16.99)
✅ George’s Market Sausage Pizza ($16.99)
✅ Pepperoni Pizza ($10.99)

Eat Local R&D: Product Report

We spent a LOT of time testing these. From the dough to the cooking procedures to the packaging, our team worked tirelessly to ensure each detail builds to the quality of the final product.

Once each pizza is prepared, they are run through a conveyor oven programmed to ensure that each pizza is cooked at very high heat for the precise time needed to be perfect. Once out of the oven, the pizzas are locked at that state in our blast freezer and then vacuum sealed and labeled.

When you bring this pizza back to life in your oven, it is as if it just left ours. We hope you enjoy them!

Available in Thunder Bay Locations!

Whether you are looking to grab some frozen pizza for the freezer, for camp, for late night snacks or for the kids for lunch, these are the spots you can find them!

If you are interested in becoming one of our retail locations, or you want to carry frozen pizzas at your bar / event facility / tree fort ect, click below to send us a message to learn about our wholesale pricing!

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Local Retail Partners

🧡Maltese Grocery
🧡George’s Market and Celebrations
🧡Odena Foods
🧡Westfort Foods
🧡Beefcake’s Burger Factory
🧡Haven Hostel
🧡 South Neebing Variety